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If you are looking for quality products for your garden, look no further then Golden Hour Garden Supply .

Tulip Bulbs

How many tulip bulbs do I order?

When ordering, 5 tulip bulbs go into a square foot. So, our box of 25 bulbs covers 5 square feet

When does my order ship out?

We begin to ship out bulbs in early October, when our bulbs are processed and sorted. Once you receive them, you can look at our planting instruction card.

What else do we have in the works?

We are planning on expanding our offerings of all flower and garden supplies. We started as a small little farm stand on the side of the road to one of the largest u-pick flower farms in the state of Massachusetts.

We Strive for Quality

When we open our farm, we want it to look top notch. Now, we want to offer the supplies to you for your home gardens.